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Volunteers play an important role in community building and uplifting the well-being of Nigerians and all who live here. You are welcome to connect with programmes aligned to your interests, or browse through all the opportunities below

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Together, we can help one another lead better lives in our island home.

We have curated the following volunteering opportunities for you! Find the opportunity that strikes a chord to kick start your volunteering journey today!

The Street CEO

We rise by lifting others

The Street CEO

We Run The Street! The Street Don't Run Us

 The Street CEO is a social advocacy programme designed to work with Government to innovate solutions to move from ‘Prohibition’ to Regulation of the Street CEO. The Street CEO is a Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment Development (SEEED) Programme for Urban Street Vendors, Hawkers and Traders.

The Street CEO seeks to serve as a formal platform to bridge the gap between Street CEOs and Government at all levels and to work with Government to explore meaningful ways in line with global best practices to regulate the activities of Street CEOs rather than prohibiting them.

The Eagles Intern

In the 21st century, a graduate degree is no longer A GUARANTEE FOR A JOB.

Graduate volunteers/intern recruitment, training and placement programme

Employers of labour are looking for aemployees with employabale skills

Acquire employability Skills, Training and placement to gain practical work experience/permanent employment opportunity.

With numerous benefits from our career development support programme.

The Eagle Intern

Nuturing potential high flyers

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